And the winner is……

tell a tale of summerabp-winnerGoodness.  It was really hard to choose a winner!

A little about our winner….  Addison is 8 years old and according to her story she begged and begged to rescue a dog from the shelter after visiting with her Girl Scout Troop.  They looked and looked and found the perfect dog. Unfortunately, this pup was a little too aggressive with the kids so it just didn’t work out.  I can just imagine all the tears that came with finding a dog, falling in love and having to give it up.  Oh the broken hearts.

Fast forward a month or two the family got a new puppy.  So I will have a little session with Addison, her little brother and Harper Nicole.

I asked what their ideal session looked like. This was Addison’s 8-year-old response..  Me, my brother and my puppy. I wish I could bring my other two dogs too maybe but Bear poops a lot because he is so old and Barkley doesn’t like the car because of his bad hips. I’ll ask my mom . . .

I just about died.  So cute.

We may be able to work something out kiddo.

xo,  Amy

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