Calling All Southern California Ballet Dancers

Dear Dancer,

I’m inspired by you. While I have never taken a dance class beyond the shuffle stepping tap dance class my cohorts and I elected to take in high school, I am a dancer at heart.  I am completely taken by the New York City Ballet dance sequence at the end of the Man on Fire video. Check it out.  You’ll probably love it too. I am the girl that obsessively spun twirls in socks on the tile entry way but played soccer and swam like a fish while growing up.  I admire the dedication and spirit of dancers and shooting these ladies left me with the feeling that I want to do more of this.  It makes me want to turn up the tunes and practice spinning in circles and get my dance on.

Let’s work together to create wonderful images that reflect you. We are going to go beyond the recording of a dance position and capture your heart and love of dance in the process.  If you are drawn to this jump on it.

Session details:

  • When: Sessions taking place in June & July  (contact for availability)
  • Where: We have options.
  • Cost:  All inclusive sessions starting at $350 per person (Files included.)

To ensure the highest quality space is VERY limited and spaces are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Session fee is due at the time of booking. Files will be delivered via digital download.

I would love to hear from you! If you would like more information and/or to book your session please contact me. 

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5_Southern california ballet photography_aboringphoto_2016_05_WEB (1)6_Southern california ballet photography_aboringphoto_2016_05_WEB (1)Southern California Dance PhotographerBallet Dancers| Joshua Tree, California

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Southern California Dance Photographer A boring photoSouthern California Dance Photographer A boring photoBallet Photographer - Amy Boring
Ballet Photographer - Amy Boring - A Boring Photo - Caitlyn Silvas BallerinaBallet Photographer - Amy Boring - A Boring Photo - Caitlyn Silvas BallerinaBallet Photographer - Amy Boring - A Boring Photo - Caitlyn Silvas BallerinaBallet Photographer - Amy Boring - A Boring Photo - Caitlyn Silvas Ballerina


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