Contest: You Are Not Boring |Southern California

Calling all families, entrepreneurs, women, seniors (young and old) and anyone else breathing that is willing to throw down and be their authentic and vulnerable selves.

Fall is here and I will be in Southern California through December. If you have not paid your session fee and want to get on board please do not delay. My calendar is filling up. I still have 2-3 spaces space at the end of October and in November that have not been accounted for. Holiday session deadline November 25th and orders must be completed by Dec 1 to get them for the holiday .  Ok. Seed planted.

Here we go…this is a fun one. I did this back in 2008 when I got thrown off that cliff to get the ball rolling and haven’t done it since my winners son passed away after putting off booking. It was devastating and you can read about that HERE. This time I am doing it for fun to give a special family a little something for moving authentically in the world.

What’s up for grabs: A complimentary session and 12 artist selected files!! (A $600+ value!) WHAT? Yep.

The rules:

The name of the game: Tell me a story about what makes your family and/or life in general is NOT BORING!! Easy right?  I know you all have great stories. I want to hear about breakthroughs, breakdowns, illness, loss achievements, struggles, and all of the things that make you and your family unique. Spill your guts.

CONTACT ME Subject: NOT BORING. You can go about this anyway you want. Be funny, pull heart strings, punch me right in the gut with a good story.  Tell it like it is.  I want to get to know you and then I want to shoot you….and your family. With my camera of course.

Please include: 

Your name, ages of children, how many people in your party, your zip code a phone number where I can reach you and of course a tantalizing story.  I want to be moved.


Share this post publicly on Facebook and if you want to be extra tag 3 friends.

Bonus points: Follow: A Boring Photo on Facebook and Instagram

Deadline:   Midnight – September 27, 2019

The fine print: Prints, additional files, products, and travel are not included.  Session must be booked within two weeks of notification and take place on a weekday in November in the FALLBROOK area. Travel to OC, San Diego is $75. Prize is not transferable, and participants of the family session are to be of the immediate family only. Super extended families can participate but will be $50 per person after
6 people.

I am excited to hear from you and choose some winners!  Pass me around like a hot potato….you have TWO WEEKS!

Love you all and I’m so grateful that I have been doing what I love for 12 years.

xo, Amy


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