Descanso Gardens |Los Angeles, CA

Everybody look! I got to hang out with Daryll’s family!!

He would have been there front and center but No dogs allowed in Descanso Gardens | Los Angeles, CA. Bummer. I am hoping to see him soon!

It was a hot day in Los Angeles and we shot smack dab in the middle of the day which always makes me a little nervous even though I am an experienced wedding photographer. I liken it to stage fright.  What if I forget my lines? = What if I can’t find the light? It always works out.

Three sisters and their mama anchoring this family together along with the people they are traveling through life with right by their side. I loved hanging out with this cool family. Such a wonderful bunch. All kinds of sass and spunk from all directions and laced with a lot of sweetness. Everyone showed up, was present and once we got going their hearts opened wide and let bunch of sunshine in. The makings of a wonderful session.

It’s no secret that I love shooting extended families.  I dig the challenge of multiple personalities coming at me at once along with the pace of fitting it all in a 2 hour time slot. This post doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I am about to send them.

A few sessions ago, my client new friend stated that the session was a series of  “Oprah moments.”  Another that said,  “it is like family therapy but more fun.”  I found these statements endearing and hilarious but there is a lot of truth here.  Nearly every session that I have had in the last year there have been tears. The good kind.  The kind in which you have all been given permission to love, feel joy and be vulnerable in whimsical, safe safe space free of judgement.  Every session is unique.  That’s my jam.

xo, Amy

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Happy Friday! 

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Descanso Gardens |Los Angeles, CA 


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