Embracing Your Color Palette | Guest Blogger: Angie Warren •Southern California Family Photographer

Happy Tuesday!  Wardrobe is and ongoing conversation with my clients.  Many find it a daunting task and I can understand that dressing a whole family can be trying at times.  It doesn’t have to be.  Today I have my first guest blogger!  Miss Angie Warren is in the house.  She is a new friend of mine, a fabulous photographer and is the founder  of  Creative Mama where she and my pal Marta Locklear and a few others  serve up some great reading for…wait for it….creative mamas!

Thank you Angie for taking the time to whip this up and  for this new perspective outside of my own.

All the clothing in the swatches can be found at Old Navy & J Crew: Crew Cuts.

Let’s talk  color!

Mustard and Cement. Sage and Rhubarb. Crimson and Bluebell. How about Poppy, Papaya, and a splash of Turquoise? All delicious combinations of color. Spring is upon is with a brightly colored palette just waiting to be taken advantage of!

So often the portraiture of the past has us playing the matching game. We remember growing up, the dreaded family photo shoot that had mom dressing us in the exact same thing. Often times the kids mirrored one another with mom and dad changing it up just a smidge (think jeans and white shirts, or khakis with black polos). Were your images be horrible? Most likely no, but they probably lacked some things. Personality, life, color.

One of the great things about custom photography is you have the opportunity to hand your children, your family, over to an artist whose eyes are trained to see what is beyond the norm. We see past the terrible twos and the shyness of your six-year-old – we are able to capture the tiniest of details with precision and care. What better way to allow us to get to know your family than through fantastic attire that screams YOU? Embrace the uniqueness of your children, allow their personalities to shine through with colors and textures that fit them. Is your daughter spunky and full of life? Would she love to wear her new polka dotted dress over those little jeans you just got her? Perhaps your son is an old soul, full of eclectic wonder and curiosity… he would look dashing in his favorite cargo shorts with a plaid shirt, rolled up sleeves and a funky vest.

When it comes to my own art I’m often inspired by what nature shares with us. The fruit of a blossoming tree, a freshly picked basket of blueberries, perhaps even the glow of the sunset over the Pacific. Each person has a story to tell and a color palette all their own. Enjoy the stage your family is at. Desire to capture it. Think past the traditional khakis and polo shirt. Make it fun, make it real, and make it rock.



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