Laguna Beach Family Photographer | 10 years & 3 babies

Laguna Beach, CA | Family of 5.

This lovely mama called me after she saw some photos of my dear friend Lisa and her girls I shot shortly after her cancer diagnosis a while back. She is now cancer free.  Yay!

Sara and her husband are celebrating their 10th year of marriage and wanted to capture this sweet time in their lives. Married at The Surf & Sand 10 years & 3 babies ago is definitely worth celebrating and a Laguna Beach family session was in order. She came with a vision of recreating a photograph that they had taken on their special day way back when to include the children this go round.  I told her I would do my best but with little ones we are kind of at their mercy.

We ended up at Victoria Beach, a place I had surprisingly never  shot before but have seen at least a 1000 photos of. Mama soon realized what a task recreating said photo could be. We laughed.  Tis life right?  Things rarely go the way we envision them and we often find out that it can lead to disappointment when we get to attached to a certain outcome. This is why I never promise a recreation of a photograph.  It’s not realistic, especially with kiddos and if you promise something you are asking for trouble.  I translated this request as: She wanted to duplicate the happiness of that feeling, the love and accomplishment they shared in that moment and pull the kids into the scene. To feel all the feels that she gets when viewing said photos.  I totally get that and I like to think that we accomplished this with flying colors even if it doesn’t look exactly like a replica of a certain moment. The tide was coming in quick and weather was a shifty beast that day. The feeling she was going for is there and that is more precious than a contrived version.

At the end of the session the whole family expressed that it was so much more fun than they expected. Pant legs were wet, sand all over the place and smiles all the way around.  They played, they shared, they connected on a deeper level than the “look here and say cheese photo session” and I managed to capture all of their good good love for them to reflect on….Forevah.

By the way… this is a great post to showcase how quickly the weather and the light can change at the beach.  From foggy to sun and back again in a very short amount of time.

Cheers to this beautiful family and congratulations on this very important milestone.  It was an honor to capture these moments.


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xo Amy



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