Oh so cute

These little girlies.  My goodness.  6 months and not quite two. No tears and big sister had so much fun exploring.

Here is an idea!  Skip the mall and bouncing around the internet looking for just the right gift for family members this holiday season.   Photos.  It’s is hands down one of the best gifts you can give to family and close friends. Invest once and share as freely as you like.   There is nothing better than misty eyes when you give someone something that touches their heart.  I live for it! That is my goal.

Photographs = Holiday gifts that won’t end up in the garbage or the goodwill pile…..EVER

The #1 thing I have heard from people that have inquired this year is that they have used and “affordable photographer” and they didn’t like any of their images. I hate to hear this because throwing away money is not fun and not all professionals are created equal.

If you would like to hear more about my fall offerings please contact me ASAP so we can get you on my calendar.  Do yourself a favor and stay out of the mall and off Amazon this year.  Shop local. Invest wisely.

Much love,


For fun: 35+ comments here on the blog for these little cuties and I will throw in a little something extra for mama. If you enjoy my work please feel free to share.  Thank you for your support.  xoxo


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