Spring in Fallbrook

Spring time is my absolute favorite time to photograph in Southern California. The air is crisp and clean, the grass is tall, flowers are blooming, gorgeous light and you have to love the longer days. I love that everything is waking up for our 8 week long winter with scattered summer days. (no complaints out of me!)  Also, I have caught a bit of political bug that is completely new to me and has me hearing chanting in my head for random things. This chant goes a little something like this……

…Spring! Spring! Spring!…

This guy’s mama and I connected immediately and  divulged that she had wanted to work with me for some time and finally decided to jump. I am so glad she did because otherwise I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to spend time with her and this rad kid.

I love this age. Spunky, skeptical, determined, quirky, silly and old enough to make decisions about how they would like to take part. It’s a great time and I love the results from our session.

Have you been wanting to hang out with me and my camera?  Spring does not last long. Let’s Get in Touch. 

I also have this killer Mother’s Day Event  planned for May 21-22.  Check it out.

For fun:  30+ comments and shares will get this mama a little something extra.   

Happy Spring!



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