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We were up at the crack of dawn yesterday to capture this beautiful lady doing what she loves most, yoga. The cancer that invaded Traycie’s space has been gone long enough for her hair to grow this much with several begrudging hair cuts, to ramp up her yoga practice, to get back to teaching yoga in the community and acquire several gorgeous yoga inspired tattoos. Unfortunately, that shit is back. Can I get a collective F YOU CANCER! I wish the circumstances of this session were different but they aren’t. Today preparations are for battle and tomorrow, at the break of dawn, Traycie will go into surgery to take it down once again. She’s a force to be reckoned with and if anyone can slay a dragon it’s this woman.

What a great honor and privilege to have this time with my sweet friend, fellow yogi and her warrior heart.

Special thanks to, Heidi Minga, of Be Well Therapy for joining us bright and early to drag T out of bed, assist with alignment cues and for being everything that she is in the yoga community.  Be Well Therapy is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation specializing in helping those living with cancer and their caregivers through the practice of yoga.

With this post, I’m calling on all the prayer warriors, reiki masters, believers and healers to begin to aim their light at this lady.  I ask that you cover her, her family, loved ones and her team of surgeons with everything you’ve got…..Peace, love, strength, grace, courage, healing, hope, discernment for the medical team and fierce determination to blast this intruder with the fire power of 1000 suns.

You’ve got this, yoga girl.

Much love,


Warrior Heart | Yoga Photographer


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