Whitefish Lake Manifestations

This week on Whitefish Lake…..

Straight up, I am pretty sure you get what you ask for. In the past, I have equated this with negative things but no, it covers all bases. The thing is I never really know what it’s going to be or in what shape it will come in.  So, having expectations to an outcome is out.

“I really want to stay in a lake house on Whitefish Lake.”, I said ….and then it happened.

My thoughts run through my head like a river. They really don’t stop.  Most of them come and go but every once in a while one will stand out and highlight itself with a sense of knowing or perhaps it came and went with little attention paid to it and then something happens and I think…” oh, I remember that thought rolling on through.” Not realizing at the time that it would materialize. Sometimes I can sense the outcome of a situation but keep it to myself because no good will come from it and often times I hope that I am wrong.

It begs the question, am receiving information of what is coming down the line or is it thoughts that I am responsible for that are then set in motion?  God? Future teller, manifest, or a little of both?

xoxo, Amy

Is this something that you notice in your world?

I would love to hear about it in the comments.

Whitefish Lake | Montana

Whitefish Lake | Montana

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