Who Are My Client Family Friends?

In the beginning of this now 12 years deep adventure, I expressed my desire to grow with families over time and as I look back that is exactly what has happened. Thankful is an understatement. My families are so loyal and I really do love each of them so much. I look forward to seeing them each year and my relationship with them and their children is one of the things I am most grateful for.

When I think about the things that my families these are the common threads.

My clients are down to earth and easy going. They active, on the go independent thinkers who like to wander in the outdoors and in conversation. They are marathon runners, mountain climbers, cyclists, boaters, skiers, yogis, wellness practitioners, and travelers that are willing and able to be seen. They enjoy being gently nudged out of their comfort zones while feeling safe and supported. They desire deep meaningful connections and feeling comfortable in their skin.

My families tend to be educated, established, often times work with the public in highly charged environments, and appreciate their internet privacy. They are not living on social media and prefer not to be bombarded with fluffy contrived marketing from all directions on a constant basis but if I talk they will listen and read a mass email if I send one out.

People that are interested in my services are happy to get on the phone and get to know each other a bit. Sometimes they take a few days to return texts, emails, and phone calls but always create space to connect. They are also usually 15-30 minutes late….because kids. We always seem to get the job done.

Life is happening in real time for my clients and they want to savor it all. Pain included. It’s not uncommon for my families to to have experienced or are currently experiencing tragedy in the form of sudden loss, caring for family members with degenerative conditions, and the care taking of aging parents.

Many of the people that come to me have challenging spunky children, some of which are on the spectrum. I adore quirky kids that give me everything they’ve got and show up exactly who they are.

My pricing is respected, which hasn’t changed much at all since 2007. I’m not the cheapest but I am certainly not the highest priced either. There is a deep appreciation for quality over quantity for what is created with and for them to pass down generationally. They do not haggle, nickel and dime nor do the price shop. They hire me for me and my craft. Not because I am the cheapest one in town.

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The people that are drawn to me don’t want to be sold to. They know their budget and purchase what they want without pressure from me. Many of my families save for months in order to come to me and that touches my heart.

Wardrobe is not the focus. I don’t care what people wear as long as they are comfortable and feel good about themselves. This is not a fashion show. This is a heart show. However, matching like employees is a hard pass round these parts. I’m about keeping in real and the only props you’ll see these days are the stuffed bunnies and personal keepsakes of little ones.

Husbands like that I encourage their partners to allow them to wear what they want which usually include flip flops and having a pre session cold one.

My families understand that I step away from images for a bit before I cull, edit, and deliver. I spend a good bit of time choosing and crafting a personal story for them. Space is synergistic to the final product. They know and love that I am more artistically inclined rather than a calculated button pushing business person.

I’m also happy to report that there are usually happy tears at some point in the process and knowing that I able to touch people’s lives in this way has been my greatest contribution to the world thus far.


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