Glacier Park Family

I love this sweet handful of frames from my time with this Glacier Park family. Upon meeting we were just on the other side of a solid week of negative temps and found some fun on their property as well as a frozen Lake Mc Donald. Despite the temps hovering just below freezing, it was indeed a fun and easy going adventure with the adorable and hardworking folks that own/operate Swan Mountain Outfitters, the only trail horse concessioner, in Glacier Park. I highly recommend adventuring with them on horseback. So much fun!

Before long all of the snow will melt and we will be playing in the late night Montana sunshine. If you are going to be in Whitefish, The Flathead Valley, Glacier National Park or surrounding areas, I am currently booking for May, June and July. As a rule, I take a limited number of sessions to ensure quality and a sustainable life work balance.

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Glacier Park Family
Glacier park Family
Where there is sun flare there is magic.
Glacier Park Family

Heads up! I feel an early summer Montana lifestyle family session contest coming on.

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Glacier Park Family

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