Welcome to my tiny corner of the interwebs. I am glad you're here.

My photography practice is all about energetic connections and my sessions are laid back, fluid, and the whole process is meant to be stress-free.

Come as you are. You are welcome here.




“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.”

- Dr. Brené Brown

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As a 4th generation California native, born and raised in Southern California, I'm a solid fan of road tripping, gathering around a fire with friends, and plunging into the icy waters of Northwest Montana. I also enjoy yoga, dogs, live music, dancing, good food, and watching the snow fall.


Since starting my business in 2007, my lifestyle documentary client work has taken me to Austin, Dallas, North Carolina, DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sedona AZ, San Francisco, and most recently Northwest Montana. Flathead Valley specifically. Whitefish to be exact.

I'll forever be working on a dedicated yoga practice, and doing my best to be the best version of me.

Additional random tidbits in no particular order:

  • Nikon
  • Weimaraner rescue
  • Alpine lakes and rivers
  • Skywatcher
  • Reverse Engineer
  • Heart rocks
  • Poofy clouds
  • Holistic Nutrition Certification
  • Reiki practitioner
  • 200hr Yoga Certification



I am a firm believer of keeping it real, providing a safe place to connect, the power vulnerability, authenticity, and that the shape/size of a body and what they put on it are the least interesting things about people.


Invest in images you can feel.

The backdrop is the easy part. Especially in the North.

Energetic portraits are time machines. As portals to the past fine art images evolve, grow, and gain momentum in your heart over time.


Showing up is vital to the process in order to capture the images that you can feel all the feels and hear the laughter long after the moment has passed.


Your visual legacy matters and it is an honor to do this work for you.


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This random snapshot was taken on July 3, 2018, just north of Polbridge, MT, on the 11 year anniversary of my going full time with my business. Nothing like a super sweet rainbow touching down in Glacier National Park to tell you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.


I love it here.


I look forward to connecting with you to create timeless magic together.


xo, Amy